Manages the District processes for awarding and monitoring District Grants and Global Grants. Clubs apply through the District for a District Grant to cover a small local or international service project. Global Grants are intended to assist a community in need through an international service project carried out in cooperation with Rotarians in a District in another country.

Applications can be made for District Grants  soon.

Around $20,000 is available to clubs with the maximum amount ordinarily limited to $2,000 per grant.


District Grants approved 2016/17    
Club Title Country Purpose
Deloraine Days for Girls – Self Sufficiency for Nepal Nepal To develop program to teach local Nepalese women to make women’s hygiene kits for local girls
Devonport South East Mattresses for Melaleuca Home for the Aged Australia To supply 6 Spenco Mattresses for Melaleuca Home for the Aged, Mary St, East Devonport
Launceston West Gift of Sight Eye Camp Nepal To support cataract surgery at the Hetauda Eye Hospital
St. Helens Heart Starter Program – St. Helens Australia To purchase a defibrillator for use by the local State Emergency Services
Devonport Defibrillator – Devonfield Australia To purchase a defibrillator for use by Devonfield Enterprises
Evandale Days for Girls – Feminine Hygiene Program – Longford Group International To supply personal quality re-useable feminine hygiene kits to girls in developing countries
Devonport North Days for Girls – Devonport Group International To supply personal quality re-useable feminine hygiene kits to girls in developing countries
Salamanca Hero program based at Southern Support School Hobart Australia Support the Hero dog program for students with special needs from Kindergarten to Grade 10. This is considered as an important teaching aid.
Youngtown Air Filtration System Australia To supply 4 commercial air filtration systems for the Rotary Community Men’s Shed at Kings Meadows
Lindisfarne Water Retention & Collection – Buma Village, Island of Malaita, Solomon Islands Solomon Islands To supply guttering and downpipes for the local community centre
Hobart Windeward Bound Fifth Annual Youth Leadership Challenge Australia Sponsor participants in the Windeward Bound Youth Leadership Challenge
Central Launceston Ravenswood Child & Family Centre Parent-Child Let’s Splash Program Australia To assist families to participate in the Let’s Splash program and to provide transport. This program teaches basis water safety skills and encourages parent participation thus creating greater attachment between parents and children
Central Launceston Ben Lomond Ski Patrol AJKA refurbishment & equipment update Australia To support the Ben Lomond Ski Patrol to update it patrol equipment and refurbishment of 3 AJKA capsules used to transport injured skiers.
West Tamar Ben Lomond Ski Patrol AJKA refurbishment & equipment update Australia To support the Ben Lomond Ski Patrol to update it patrol equipment and refurbishment of 3 AJKA capsules used to transport injured skiers.
Central Launceston Ravenswood Junior Fire Brigade Development Australia To support the activities of the Junior Brigade with the purchase of equipment and training camps
Longford Longford Men’s Shed & Associates Australia To purchase equipment for the Longford Men’s Shed – completed and paid.



Examples of projects  funded by  grants  awarded to  Clubs in previous years

WW1 Centennial Memorial – Claremont
First Aid Course for New Mothers – Hobart
Baljyoti Lower Secondary School Project – Nepal
Meercroft Park Amenity Tree Planting Project – Devonport North
Training and equipment for Dorsu Social Enterprise Centre, Cambodia
Eye camps, Nepal
Automatic external cardiac defibrillator for Lindisfarne village  shopping centre
Literature program for babies
4x Aerogen Go Complete Nebulisers
Medstortrolley – Melaleuca Home for the Aged
Laptops for Dover District High School
Table and seating for Royal Park.
Bike helmets for youth

District Grants enable clubs to address immediate needs in their local communities, nationally and abroad. These grants fund small-scale, short-term activities that support the mission of The Rotary Foundation. Please consider projects in your local community and in developing communities overseas to ensure a balance of projects.

CHAIR: PDG Bruce Buxton [Devonport North]

Committee: PP Caroline Brown Tamar Sunrise; PP Kerry Bowerman ( Glenorchy)

What are Rotary grants?

Rotary Foundation have changed how we structure Rotary grants. Our new system  focuses primarily on three grant types—district, global, and packaged. It is both more efficient and sustainable, and will help us make a greater impact around the globe.

Foundation Grants

Any club that wishes to apply for District or Global Grants will need to be qualified and enter into a memorandum of understanding (download) before making an application. District Foundation Director James Wilcox and Committee members will contact clubs to discuss what is required to become qualified and therefore eligible to apply for grants.

What are District Grants?

District grants fund small-scale, short-term activities that address needs in your community and communities abroad. Each district chooses which activities it will fund with these grants.


What they support

District grants can be used to fund a variety of district and club projects and activities, including

  • Humanitarian projects, including service travel and disaster recovery efforts
  • Scholarships for any level, length of time, location, or area of study
  • Youth programs, including Rotary Youth Exchange, Rotary Youth Leadership Awards (RYLA), Rotaract, and Interact
  • Vocational training teams, which are groups of professionals who travel abroad either to teach local professionals about their field or to learn more about it themselves.

How to use them

There is a lot of freedom to customise service projects. There are not many restrictions, as long as your district grant supports the mission of The Rotary Foundation*.

Clubs must be qualified and sign a Memorandum of Understanding before they can apply for a district grant (the MOU is current for 12 months).

*     Mission of the Rotary Foundation

The mission of The Rotary Foundation is to enable Rotarians to advance world understanding, goodwill, and peace through the improvement of health, the support of education, and the alleviation of poverty.


General Foundation Grant Eligibility Guidelines

All Foundation grant activities must:

  1. Relate to the mission of The Rotary Foundation
  2. Include the active participation of Rotarians
  3. Exclude any liability to The Rotary Foundation or Rotary International beyond the funding amount of the grant
  4. Adhere to the governing laws of the United States and the host area of the grant, and harm no individuals or entities
  5. Only fund activities that have been reviewed and approved by the District Grants Committee and The Rotary Foundation before their implementation. Grants may not be used to reimburse clubs or districts for activities and expenses already completed or in progress. Planning for grant activities prior to approval is encouraged, but expenses may not be incurred. After grant approval, any changes to the original project plan must be pre-approved by the District Grants Committee and The Rotary Foundation. The Rotary Foundation considers each semester of a degree program to be a new activity and therefore eligible for funding.
  6. Demonstrate sensitivity to the host area’s tradition and culture
  7. Comply with the Conflict of Interest Policy for Grant Participants as outlined in section 10.030 of The Rotary Foundation Code of Policies.
  8. Comply with the policy regarding the use of Rotary Marks (.doc download) as outlined in section 33.040.6 and 33.140.12 of The Rotary Foundation Code of Policies.

Specific District Grants Guidelines

  1. Support local and international projects, scholarships, vocational training teams, and related travel
  2. May allocate up to 3 percent of the grant award for grant-related administrative expenses such as bank fees, postage, software, and an independent financial assessment
  3. May allocate up to 20 percent of the grant for contingencies, but all projects and activities added to the grant post-approval must be pre-approved by the District Grants Committee and The Rotary Foundation
  4. May fund projects and activities in Rotary and non-Rotary countries and geographic areas where permitted by applicable governing laws and in accordance with Foundation policies
  5. May fund scholar and vocational training team orientation and grant management seminars



Grants cannot be used to unfairly discriminate against any group; promote a particular political or religious viewpoint; support purely religious functions; support activities that involve abortion or that are undertaken solely for sex determination; fund the purchase of arms or ammunition; or serve as a new contribution to the Foundation or another Rotary Foundation grant.

In addition, grants cannot fund:

  1. Continuous or excessive support of any one beneficiary, entity, or community
  2. Establishment of a foundation, permanent trust, or long-term interest-bearing account. Grant funds can be used to establish a microcredit fund if the sponsors comply with the requirements detailed in section X of the Terms and Conditions for Rotary Foundation District Grants and Global Grants.
  3. Purchase of land or buildings
  4. Fundraising activities
  5. Expenses related to Rotary events such as district conferences, conventions, institutes, anniversary celebrations, or entertainment activities
  6. Public relations initiatives, unless they are essential to project implementation
  7. Project signage in excess of $500
  8. Operating, administrative, or indirect program expenses of another organization with the exception of expenses allowed within the project management allocation for global grants
  9. Unrestricted cash donations to a beneficiary or cooperating organization
  10. Activities for which the expense has already been incurred
  11. Transportation of vaccines by hand over national borders
  12. Travel to National Immunization Days (NIDs)
  13. Immunizations that consist solely of the polio vaccine
  14. Study at a Rotary Peace Center partner university in the same or similar academic program as those pursued by Rotary Peace Fellows.


  1. Clubs must be qualified and sign a Memorandum of Understanding before they can apply for a district grant
  2. Ordinarily, club funds will be matched 1:1 up to a limit of $2,000 by Rotary Foundation District Grant funds. Clubs can contribute more than $2,000 if necessary. The District Grants Committee may award a grant of more than $2,000 based on the significance of the outcomes that can be achieved by the project or activity to be implemented. For a larger grant, the District Grant Committee may work with the club to suggest suitable key success indicators.
  3. On approval of a District Grant Application, half the district’s contribution will be paid to the club
  4. On completion of the grant project the remaining half of the district’s contribution will be paid to the club on receipt of completed reports and receipts for goods purchased.

Club District Grants MOU (.pdf)  Updated March 2017
District Grant Guidelines (.pdf)  Updated March 2017
District Grant Application  (.docx)  Updated March 2017


What are global grants?

Global grants support large international activities with sustainable, measurable outcomes in one or more of the six areas of focus.

Global grants must:

  • Be an international partnership between a Rotary club or district in the country where the activity takes place and a Rotary club or district outside of that country
  • Be sustainable and include plans for long-term success after the global grant funds have been spent
  • Include measurable goals that are demonstrated through progress reports
  • Align with one of our six areas of focus
  • Respond to real community needs
  • Include active participation from both Rotarians and community members
  • Have a minimum budget of US$30,000
  • Meet the eligibility requirements in the grants terms and conditions

You can use global grants to fund:

  • Humanitarian projects that support the goals of one or more of the areas of focus
  • Scholarships for graduate-level academic studies that relate to one or more of the areas of focus
  • Vocational training teams, which are groups of professionals traveling abroad either to learn more about their profession or teach local professionals about a particular field

Global grant resources

If you’re anticipating a grant proposal, be sure to check the new e-learning module in the Building a Global Grant course in the Learning Center. The course includes updated resources to develop your next global grant project. They include:

  • Building a Global Grant module
  • Sample global grant applications
  • Areas of focus policy statements

Other resources include the Project and Activity Sustainability module, and Rotary grant terms and conditions.  (Added  August 2016)

How do I apply for a global grant?

The Rotary Foundation accepts global grant applications on a rolling basis throughout the year. Before a district or club can apply for a grant, it has to complete the qualification process. Once your club or district is qualified, you can apply for a global grant through the online tool

 Projects can be sourced from publications detailing World Community Service projects and through RAWCS, from contacts your club members may have had with overseas Rotarians through programs such as GSE and Vocational Exchange. The Rotary Foundation will match contributions to the project on a $ for $ basis, if the funds are an allocation from the District Dedicated Fund. If the funds are cash contributions to the Rotary Foundation, those contributions will be matched 50 cents for each dollar contributed.

Some resources

Rotary Australia World Community Service (RAWCS)
RAWCS Project Listing
On Line Matching Grants Fair (developed by District 5340)


Assists inbound and outbound Peace scholars, ambassadorial scholars and University teachers.


Project and Community Service Grants provides information on the availability of grant funds for which clubs may apply.

Craig Perkins (Central Launceston)

Numerous Australian Government grants are available  check here 

Volunteer Grants Program.

The Australian Government is inviting organisations has funding under the Volunteer Grants  program.

Funding was offered to around 5,700 organisations with grants to be paid by June 30 2016

The grants are for small community organisations to apply for grants of up to $5,000 to purchase small equipment items to assist their volunteers, assist with the reimbursement of fuel costs incurred by volunteers and contribute towards the cost of training course and background screening checks for volunteers.

Applications close in December.

For further  information about eligibility and how to apply,

 For more information and/or assistance, call Kate Allingham at 6234  5255 or e-mail

Tasmanian Community Fund

Applications for small grants (up to $10,000) close in  September .  . Applications for medium grants ($10,001 to $90,000) close in  October.
Applicants will be notified of the outcome of their application in mid-December

Click here for more information about the Tasmanian Community Fund.

Events Tasmania Grants

Events Tasmania provides grants to private business, clubs, associations and community groups.

Grants  are explained her

Other Grants Available

There might be some opportunities here for club’s to consider:

Regional Arts Funding

Sports and Recreation Tasmania

Myer Foundation and Sidney Myer Fund

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