Membership Promotion and Retention

Satellite Clubs

Rotary clubs considering or intending to establish a satellite club will find the following documents useful.

D9830 Satellite Club Guidelines

Satellite Club FAQ

Satellite Club Application Form

Satellite Club Member Information Form

Further information can be obtained by contacting DG Tony

The District Membership Development & Retention Committee promotes recruitment of new members and the retention of existing members in clubs. Coordinates the investigation and establishment of new clubs.


Richard Horswill   0419 304 020


District Strategic Planning assists a club to develop its own vision and plans for the future, one that can be consistent with the plans of Rotary Inter national, but based on the wishes of the clubs’ members and the need of the local communities.

DGE Ross Carlyle Sandy Bay 


The purpose of Rotary Connections is to maintain contact with participants in Youth and Young adult Rotary Programs.

 It is the intention to distribute information on upcoming Rotary Programs and successful projects to all participants on a regular basis.

This is a mechanism for maintaining contact with outstanding participants in Rotary programs which should help to keep them involved in the Family of Rotary.


The Association has been established to enable all former Rotary Foundation program participants to stay in touch with each other and to continue to build their relationships with Rotary.

 Tammy Palmer Bellerive


Maintains club membership numbers on a monthly basis and receives details of Rotarians who have terminated due to relocation outside of club area.
PP John Hibbins [Latrobe]  (M) 0457 883 006

Help your new members understand Rotary


Top 10 publications for Membership development

(From Rotary Australia website)

Look at “Rotary Basics ” from the RDU website Download (Now called ” Connect for Good” )

Engaging the Next Generation in Rotary   (pdf 200k)

Five Strategies for Growing Your Club with Young Members Article written for “Rotary on the Move” by Michael McQueen, leading authority in youth trends & strategies for engaging with Gen Y.

If you believe all you read about Generation Y, you could be forgiven for assuming that the very last thing this group would want to be a part of is Rotary. After all, aren’t they the most self-absorbed, materialistic, impatient and disloyal generation of young people the world has ever seen? Much of the media would have us believe so.

Updated RE November 2017