Paper presented at District Assembly 2103 – by PDG Ted Richey (pdf download )

Guests, guest speakers and Sergeants -At-arms:


Guest speakers should be given the courtesy of speaking for their allotted time.

It is normal in Rotary for all visiting Rotarians to pay their expenses doing a makeup. However it is also a general rule that if the District Governor or an Assistant Governor attends a club in a capacity as a working member at that function / or on official business the club should cover the expense.

The sergeant-at-arms should be the member who controls the procedure of the meeting: this task is more important than trying to be a comedian. The sergeant must ensure at the very least that the President knows the names of the guests, how to spell them and how to pronounce them.

Rotarians should be addressed as:

Rotarian; name; PP, PDG etc [RI status], any national [Australian] awards e.g. OAM; then tag on any global Foundation awards e.g. Distinguished Meritorious service; then PHF [it is not an award but a recognition]; then the very last is an award given by a multi district organisation e.g. by Australian Rotary Health.

Introductions – Rotary International protocol.

The order of protocol shall be used to introduce, present and seat all current, past and future officers of RI and its Foundation. And their spouses at all RI meetings, functions and receiving lines and in all RI publications:

President [or President representative] President-elect Vice- President , Treasurer , Other Directors , Past Presidents [in order of seniority] , Trustees [led by Chairman] , General Secretary , President- Nominee , Past Directors [in order of seniority] , Past Trustees [ in order of seniority] , Past General Secretaries [in order of seniority] , Directors- Elect , Governors [and other RI officers] , Directors-Nominee , Past Governors [in order of seniority] , Incoming Trustees , Governors-Elect

At Rotary functions, officers should be addressed according to protocols only once. The officer’s™ current positions shall take precedence over past positions; past positions shall take precedence over future positions; individuals holding more than one position shall be ranked by the highest office; accompanying spouses have the same rank.
[rcp 32.060.2.]

Introductions by the Club President

–œyour Worship the Mayor of –เธ†–เธ†–เธ†–เธ†.councillor.
or President of the shire of –เธ†–เธ†–เธ†.., councillor –เธ†–เธ†–เธ†–เธ†
the Hon –เธ†–เธ†–เธ†–เธ†.. MP, Member for –เธ†–เธ†–เธ†–เธ†
Rotary International President
RI President–ย™s Personal Representative; District Governor;
Past officers of Rotary International; District Governor elect
District Governor nominee
District Governor nominee Designate;
District secretary, District treasurer, assistant Governors, District chairs of the avenues of service;
Distinguished Guests; Guests;
Rotaractors and exchange students;
Ladies and Gentlemen; My Fellow Rotarians.
And the Family of Rotary

Rule of thumb
District Governor nominee
District secretary, District treasurer, assistant Governors chairs of District committees
Club Presidents
Club Presidents of other Districts club Presidents-elect
Current officers, Past officers, Future officers are announced by highest office held –“ only introduce officers once during the meeting.

Introductions at District conference

Mr Chairman, Distinguished Guests and My Fellow Rotarians

Introductions “ personal addressed to Club President
Name club classification

President’s collar
To be worn at all club meetings and official ceremonies

Rotary regalia

Club Charter
– Portrait of HM Queen Elizabeth 11
– Rotary Flag National Flag
– Gong and Gavel
– Rostrum or podium
– Microphone
– Rotary Banners
– Dinner Badges and Visitor Cards


Her Majesty the Queen of Australia to Australia
Rotary International  by a Rotarian
Response to œRotary International only by District Governor or Past officer of Rotary International in attendance [there is no necessity to respond to a Rotary International toast].

Use of the Rotary name and emblem

The Rotary name and gearwheel emblem, including the emblems and logos of Rotary International and the Rotary Foundation programs and projects are known collectively as the Rotary Marks.

The word “œRotary” in connection with or in the name of an activity of a club or a group of clubs must relate directly to that club or group of clubs.
The activity is not permitted to be related directly or indirectly to Rotary International. The word International is not used in connection with or in the name of a club.

Clubs, Districts and Rotary entities are welcome to use the Rotary emblem, in association with your club or District projects.

Rotary  Brand   Center  at My Rotary gives examples of how marks can be used.

Dignity of the Australian Flag


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