Rotary Programs and Projects

We admit it!  We have a lot of lingo in Rotary – especially around projects, programs and projects.  Check out below the many different causes supported by Rotary Clubs in Tasmania and click on the link if you’d like to find out more.

ARH                             Australian Rotary Health

GSE                             Group Study Exchange

INTERPLAST               International Plastic Surgery Program (Remedial surgery & training) 

MUNA                         Model United Nations Assembly

NYSF                           National Youth Science Forum

POLIOPLUS                Program of Rotary to Eradicate Polio

PROBUS                     Professional and Business Club (Retired)

RAM                            Rotarians Against Malaria

RAOAF                        Rotary Australia Overseas Aid Fund

RAWCS                        Rotary Australia World Community Service

ROMAC                       Rotary Oceania Medical Aid for Children

ROTARACT                  ‘Rotary in Action’ open to members 18 – 30 years

RYDA                           Rotary Youth Driver Awareness

RYLA                            Rotary Youth Leadership Awards

RYPEN                         Rotary Youth Program of Enrichment

VTT                              Vocational Training Teams

YEP                              Youth Exchange Program


Common Rotary Acronyms

We also use a few acronyms in Rotary – see the list we’ve come up with below.  If we’ve missed any please contact us so we can add it to the list

AG Assistant Governor
ARH Australian Rotary Health
CLP Club Leadership Plan (of Rotary International)
COL Council on Legislation
DDF District Designated Fund
DG District Governor
DGE District Governor Elect
DGN District Governor Nominee
DGND District Governor Nominee Designate
DIK Donations-in-Kind
DRR District Rotaract Representative
DSG District Simplified Grant (of the Rotary Foundation)
Interplast Remedial Surgery & Training
IPAC International Projects Advisory Committee
IPDG Immediate Past District Governor
MOP Manual of Procedure
MUNA Model United Nations Assembly
NGSE New Generations service Exchange
NYSF National Youth Science Forum
PAG Past Assistant Governor
PDE Professional Development Exchange
PDG Past District Governor
PE President Elect
PETS President’s Elect Training Seminar
PHF Paul Harris Fellow
PHSM Paul Harris Sustaining Member
POLIOPLUS Program of Rotary to Eradicate Polio
PP Past President
PRID Past Rotary International Director
PRIP Past Rotary International President
PROBUS Professional and Business Club (Retired)
RABS Rotary Australia Benevolent Society
RAM Rotarians Against Malaria
RAOAF Rotary Australia Overseas Aid Fund
RAWCS Rotary Australia World Community Service
RCC Rotary Community Corps
RDU Rotary Down Under
RI Rotary International
RIBI Rotary International in Great Britain & Ireland
ROMAC Rotary Oceania Medical Aid for Children
ROTEX Organisation of Ex-Rotary Exchange Students
RRVF Rotary Recreational & Vocational Fellowships
RV Rotary Volunteer
RYDA Rotary Youth Driver Awareness
RYLA Rotary Youth Leadership Awards
RYPEN Rotary Youth Program of Enrichment
TRF The Rotary Foundation
VTT Vocational Training Team
WCS World Community Service
YEP Youth Exchange Program