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What is Bowelscan?

Bowelscan will not operate in Tasmania in 2014.

Bowelscan is a Rotary Community awareness program developed in 1982 in New South Wales and was conducted by over 250 Rotary Clubs across Australia.  Tasmania will not continue with this project but will support the Governnment Funded programmes.

Since Bowelscan commenced, it is estimated that more than 1,000 people with bowel cancer and 5,000 with polyps have been detected.

Cancer of the bowel is the most common internal cancer to affect men and women in western society. Over 9,000 Australians will be diagnosed as having bowel cancer this year and over 4,500 will die of the disease.

Do You Know

       In Australia there is a death,              

       Every 5 hours from a road accident

       Every 4 hours  from breast cancer
       Every 2 hours  from bowel cancer

The Commonwealth Government has announced that they will send kits to 50, 55 and 65 year olds in 2010.

But we know , and research has proven, that all people over 40 need to be tested regularly, so that Bowel Cancer which is curable, if got early, is eradicated.


Program Results

Year                           2008               2009               2010                  2011
Kits returned             5,510              6,481              2,714                 5,515
Positive results            104                 115                   34                       76
% Positive                 1.89%             1.77%             1.25%                1.38%






Australian Rotary Health supports the Bowelscan Project ..



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