Past District Governors

 District 65

1931-32 Harry M Cummins*
1937-38 J. Burgess Watt*
1943-45 J. Burgess Watt*
1948-49 J. Eric Cuthbertson* “Service is my Business”

District 28 July 1st, 1949 Tasmania and parts of Victoria

1951-52 Rev. Harold Ralph “Rotary is Hope in Action”

District 282 July 1st, 1958 Tasmania and parts of Victoria

1959-60 Dr. W. N. “Bill” Oats OBE “Build Bridges Of Friendship”
1961-62 Alfred A Freak “Kindle The Spirit Within”
1963-64 Kenneth LC Davies ‘Meeting Rotary’s Challenge in the Space Age’
1964-65 Tom Sides ‘Live Rotary’
1965-66 Max Cleaver OBE “Action, Consolidation and Continuity”
1966-67 Dr. John Grove CBE “Better World through Rotary”
1967-68 Tim Jacobs OAM “Make your Rotary Membership Effective”
1968-69 Participate!
1969-70 Review and Renew
1970-71 John W Emerton “Bridge the Gap”
1971-72 H. W. “Bill” Bertram “Good Will begins with You”

District 283 July 1st, 1972 Tasmania alone as a District

1972-73 Tim Jacobs* OAM “Lets Take a New Look and Act”
1973-74 Basil Warner* “A Time for Action”
1974-75 Dr Athol Corney* “Renew the Spirit of Rotary”
1975-76 Eric Webster* “To Dignify the Human Being”
1976-77 Dr Geoff Haward AM “I Believe in Rotary”

District 983 July 1st, 1977 Tasmania

1977-78 Alan Abbott* “Service to Unite Mankind”
1978-79 Graeme Davis “Reach Out”
1979-80 Jim Loughran* “Let Service Light the Way”
1980-81 W. “Bill” Bale “Take Time to Serve”
1981-82 M.D. ”Jock” Geeves* “World Understanding and Peace through Rotary”
1982-82 Bob Taylor* “Mankind is One – Build Bridges of Friendship”
1982-83 M.D. “Jock” Geeves* (recalled to complete term)
1983-84 Barry Dadson “Share Rotary – Serve People”
1984-85 Reg Lightfoot “Discover a New World of Service”
1985-86 Fred Edwards* AM “You Are The Key”
1986-87 Campbell Gunn* “Rotary Brings Hope”
1987-88 Allan Leth* “Rotarians – United in Service – Dedicated to Peace”
1988-89 Harold Ogilvie AM “Put Life into Rotary, Your Life”
1989-90 Dr John Thorne AM “Enjoy Rotary”   Ph 6225 4588
1990-91 Brian Beardwood “Honour Rotary with Faith and Enthusiasm”

District 9830 July 1st, 1991

1991-92 Sydney C. McClymont OAM “Look Beyond Yourself”
1992-93 W. Leigh Milburn* “Real Happiness is Helping Others”
1993-94 Peter Blesson “Believe in what you do – do what you believe in”
1994-95 Geoff McLennan OAM “Be a Friend”
1995-96 Geoff Rankine* “Act with Integrity, Serve with Love, Work for Peace”
1996-97 Assoc Prof Don McTaggart “Build the Future with Action and Vision”
1997-98 Maurice Hill* “Show Rotary Cares”
1998-99 Richard Chugg “Follow your Rotary Dream”
1999-00 Bill Brundle “Act with Consistency, Credibility, Continuity”
2000-01 Tony Hennessy “Create Awareness, Take Action”
2001-02 Lew Pretorius “Mankind is our Business”
2002-03 Bob Sydes “Sow the Seeds of Love”
2003-04 Kevin Shadbolt “Lend a Hand”
2004-05 Muriel Heron “Celebrate Rotary”
2005-06 Paul Grubb “Service Above Self“
2006-07 Lou Johnson “Lead the Way”
2007-08 Bernie Charles* “Rotary Shares”
2007-08 Kevin Shadbolt (recalled to complete term)
2008-09 Michael Perkins “Make Dreams Real”
2009-10 Ian Shuey “The Future of Rotary is in Your Hands”
2010-11 Ted Richey “Building Communities Bridging Continents”
2011-12 Peter MurfettReach Within to Embrace Humanity
2012-13 James Wilcox “Peace Through Service”
2013-14  Bruce Buxton “Engage Rotary, Change Lives
2014-15  Ken Moore “Light up Rotary

2015-16 John Dare “Be a Gift to the World”

2016-17 Gerard Blizzard “Rotary Serving Humanity”



District 9450 Western Australia

1999-2000 Una Hobday “Act with Consistency, Credibility, Continuity


Past District Governors living in District 9830 appear in bold type in the list above and are members of the College of Governors.