Rotary Tasmania Bushfire Appeal

The District 9830 Emergency Relief Fund Committee  established  the ‘Rotary Tasmania Bushfire Appeal’ in February 2013. In addition to supporting impacted communities, the Appeal will  seek to fund recovery projects that will have a long term direct influence on those communities .
This committee is responsible for overseeing and approving expenditure of District funds designated for the relief from the 2013 Tasmanian bushfire relief program.

CHAIR: PDG Peter Murfett Hobart


Dunally fire

Remains of Dunalley Primary School
(ABC news)

We worked closely with Rotary clubs in the affected areas who have local knowledge of where the funds can best be used. The Tasman Peninsular fire is in areas in which the Rotary clubs of Sorell and Tasman Peninsula operate.

The devastation caused by the bushfires that have hit parts of Tasmania will be of concern to many people within Tasmania and beyond. The extent of the devastation included the Tasman Peninsular area, East Coast near Bicheno and areas of the Derwent Valley..

Total funds raised including interest amounts to $667,508  as at August 2014 of which some $632K has been committed. This leaves around $35K( plus GST refunded ) to the fund to be allocated.

July 2014 Update

Our equipment  continues to be used each week for varying periods but at times has been on the road each day. . A number of volunteers have been helping including students from Tasman District High and a Victorian school; Tasman Peninsula, Victorian, Lindisfarne and Claremont Rotarians; and, more recently, mens’ sheds.

Some individual volunteers outside Rotary have also been involved. A huge amounfirest of work has been done, particularly fencing, grading drives, clearing burnt debris and smoothing yards. This program of assistance is nearing an end.

Tasman Peninsula Fires as seen from Hobart



Distribution of Funds

Help has included

Fire fighters assistance                                                                  5000
Blazeaid                                               Equipment                          5000
Pasture reseeding                                                                        68 070
Central Highlands Council             Fencing materials                     4000
Truck and equipment operation                                                    12 550
RC of Tasman Peninsula               Murdunna events                      6900
Dunalley Hall and Rec Com.         Computer/printer                        1452
Dunalley residents                          Fresh water                                800
10 stretcher beds                                                                             1500
RC of Lindisfarne                              Fencing materials                   4000
RC of Tasman Peninsula                   Volunteer exps.                     8151
Ellendale Fire Brigade                     10 UHF radios                         1370
State Gov. Farmers Program       Stock feed                                50 000
Central Highlands Council             Farm gates                                8000
Eaglehawk Neck Fire Brigade      Water tank                                  2830
True Trails                                     School horse event                    1840
Sorell Council                              Dunalley Hall                           200 000
Derwent Valley Council                 Molesworth Hall                    100 000
Tools trailer and equipment                                                             7000
Lachlan Fire Brigade                        Grinder etc                               750
Full-time farmers                             Fencing                                   5200
Volunteers Materials Pool                                                             27000
Dunalley Fire Brigade                     Shed                                     16 771
Ellendale Fire Brigade                     Grinder etc                                605
Sorell Council                                     Dunalley Youth Park       100 000

Donation of Equipment from District 9800 in Victoria.

The equipment listed below was donated and has become the property of District 9830 Tasmania.  It is being used widely in assisting with bushfire recovery and we continue to meet the running costs of our truck and equipment.  It will be sold shortly when of no further use.

          • .1 X Mitsubishi Canter Dual Cab Truck.
          • 1 X Plant Trailer.
          • 1 X Gehl Skid Steer Loader.
          • 1 X 4-in-1 Bucket for the Loader.
          • 1 X Grapple Bucket for the Loader.
          • 1 X Master Rake for the Loader.
          • 1 X Keidge “Aussie Driver” Post Driver with Gehl Backing Plate.
          • 1 X Red Roo HLS S2 Log Splitter (mounted for towing).
          • 1 X Set (2) Ausramp alloy Truck Loading Ramps
equipment from Victoria

(Pictured PP John Broomby, R.C. Westbury handling the movement of the equipment from Devonport to Sorell) [Courtesy R C Westbury Bulletin]

Tasmanian Disaster Fodder Relief System

In disasters like the recent bushfires, one of the urgent needs is fodder to feed livestock. Rotary Clubs, especially rural clubs, have the knowledge, skills and networks to be lead organisers in the collection, transport and distribution of fodder in future disasters.

The Tasmanian Disaster Fodder Relief Plan has been developed by PP Kerry Vincent and PP Graeme Dent and  has been accepted by the Tasmanian Government as the key distribution method in disasters..

The key elements of the plan involve Rotary District 9830 taking responsibility for any future fodder drives, following the declaration of a disaster in Tasmania. Rotary will liaise with the State Government and the TFGA, but will be the controlling body. Rotary will establish a district committee to manage fodder relief and will appoint a state director to head up the committee.
A 1800 FODDER number will be established.

Chair PAG Robin Thompson Scottsdale   (M) 0408 129 371
Committee PAG Lyndon Isles Longford PP Nigel Pedley Smithton PP James Dunbabin Sorell PP Graham Dent Westbury PP Kerry Vincent Sorell


Support Continues during 2014


Local residents familiarising themselves with equipment to extinguish fires

On Saturday, 27 October 2014 , Rotary Club of Tasman Peninsula, in conjunction with the Tasmania Fire Service (TFS),
conducted a Community Expo for Bushfire Preparation. Participants included the local Fire Brigades, Ambulance Service, SES, Tasman Council, Dunalley/Tasman Neighbourhood House, DPIWE, Parks and Wildlife Service and a number of businesses involved in fire prevention and management.
The event was the brainchild of Past President, Bert Dorgelo and the Community Development  Coordinator at TFS, Peter Middleton, assisted on the planning committee by Club President, Arnold McShane and Kerrie Brown from the Neighbourhood