Hetauda Eye Camps

Handikhola Water Project

District 9830 Tasmania has a strong relationship with the  Hetauda  Rotary Club in Nepal and visiting  teams of Tasmanian Rotarians each year monitor the progress of these projects.

Site of possible project

Site of a possible project

In February 2017 . Winston Quaile from Rotary Club of  Launceston West was the Team Leader for the Nepal visit.

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2 April 2017

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In February 2016 12 Rotarians  and partners visited the Hetauda region of Nepal to observe our various District funded projects. These included the Gift of Sight Eye Camps, the now completed Baljyoti School , the Handikhola Water Project,  Micro Loan projects as well as providing Days for Girls material and information both at Hetauda and the earthquake damaged area of Bhaktapur.


Left Kathmandu at 9 am Arrived at 6pm

Our mode of transport. Left Katmandu at 9am, arrived Hetauda 6pm

Even though the Nepal earthquake hasn’t directly affected any of the projects we are developing, restoration work in the area is likely to be given priority.


Photos by Andrew Gray




Some of our Nepal Projects


” They came – most partially blind, some totally blind; but with hardly an exception they  departed with vision restored”

This was our first Nepal project and provides cataract surgery conducted by the Rotary Club of Hetauda in November and February each year and our District  welcomed the opportunity to provide the necessary funding.  It is having a positive impact on the lives of many of the poorest people in a very poor country.

Rotary District 9830 continues to fund 2 camps per year, total of 8 camps to date. 6,374 people have been screened, many treated for eye infections and 1,279 have had sight restored by cataract surgery. Ten clubs have contributed this year ensuring funding for the next two camps with 6 clubs receiving District Grants. Yaxley Holdings has offered to cover the cost of a further camp.

.  The surgeons are local doctors trained in Kathmandu and volunteer their time and skills to perform the operations.  Our district contributes approximately $7000 for each camp.

Staff at Hetauda Eye Hospital 2016

Staff at Hetauda Eye Hospital Feb 2016 with Tasmanian Rotarians.


The gift of sight eye Camp was held at Community Eye Hospital from 7th of December 2016 to 12th of December 2016. The Gift of Sight Eye Camp was jointly organized by RC Hetauda, Community Eye Hospital and supported by David Yaxsley from Tasmania Australia. There were three remote screening camps and one local screening camp in old age home. Screening on old age home was held on 7th of December 2016, 72 patients were screened there out of which 18 patients were selected for operation and after health checkup only 13 were operated.

Talking about rural screening venues, on 9th of December 2016 Eye Screening Camp was done in Kolvi (District Bara) 2.5hrs drive from Hetauda. On 10th of December 2016 Eye Screening camp was done in Faparbari (District Makawanpur) 4Hrs drive from Hetauda. On the same day, 10th of December 2016 Eye Screening Camp was done in Gogane (District Makawanpur) 4.5Hrs drive from Hetauda. All together 1079 patients were screened from four screening camps and 205 cataract were found and 163+1 (one patient was operated twice) cataract operation was done in the Community Eye Hospital, Hetauda.

In local old age home, Screening camp 72 patients were screened, 18 cataract were found out of which 13 patients were operated.

In Kolvi Screening camp 612 patients were screened, 125 cataract were found out of which 99+1 patients were operated (one patient was operated twice).

In Faparbari Screening camp 205 patients were screened, 32 cataract were found out of which 28 patients were operated.

In Gogane Screening camp 190 patients were screened, 30 cataract were found and 23 patients were operated.

Continuing the same from previous year patients having high diabetes were not operated because they may have complications on their eyes later on.

Our Rotaractors from Rotaract Club of Hetauda, Local volunteers and social workers helped in the registration and screening of the patients. Accommodation and meals were provided freely to all patients and their attendants during the pre and post-operative period. The patients were given an eye seal and medication after the operation.

This project has brought a new life to the old patients as they can see and do things again and it rightly portrays the Rotary spirit of Service above Self.



Eye camp Nepal


Laser Retina System for Hetauda Community Eye Hospital (Nepal).

The laser system funded by a grant of US$59,980 was installed in the Hetauda Community Eye Hospital in February 2014.
Laser equipment for the eye hospital will provide retina treatment locally instead of requiring a 7 hour trip to Kathmandu which some people refuse to undertake.


The lives of 1250 people have been assisted in a positive way – clean water, much improved sanitation and less time required to carry water.


The project was officially opened by PDG Kevin Shadbolt when a group of Tasmanian Rotarians visited Nepal in February 2016.

The project was formulated in 2012 when Anne and PDG Kevin were invited to attended a meeting of the Handikhola Womens Committee. The women expressed their displeasure at having to walk up to 3 hour each day for 7 months of the year to bring clean water to their homes.
Members of the Rotary Club of Hetauda left the meeting to plan a water project for the village. They engaged water engineers from RADO (Rural Awareness Development Organisation) who did an excellent job in drawing up the scheme and monitoring the work.

District 9830 applied for a Global Grant to fund the project, several clubs in Tasmania contributed and Following a Friendship Exchange with District 7820 a number of clubs in Nova Scotia gave support.

There was much fanfare and excitement by the locals as they gathered for this gala event.

There was much fanfare and excitement by the locals as they gathered for this gala event.

Rotary Club of Hetauda had significant input into the management of the project and the Handikhola community provided most of the physical labour such as digging the 3km trench by hand. They also provided all fittings, tap and water metre for their home. Health and Hygiene was a feature of the project. Each house was required to have a toilet and each person was required to undergo hygiene training
To ensure sustainabilty the scheme will be monitored by engineers from RADO on a regular basis, The Rotary Club of Hetauda will also monitor the project and the homes to ensure the scheme and toilets are being maintained
A small fee charged for water use will fund 2 trained maintenance people to check the chlorine levels, filters and day to day maintenance of the scheme and also to read the meters.

Every home in the area,over 250 homes, is now connected to the scheme and every one has a toilet. Also connected are a school of 700 students, a community centre and health post.
Every person in the village has had hygiene training.


This is a school of 85 students that our Rotary group visited while attending a  ‘Gift of Sight’ eye camp.   The building has no walls and as a result children are often sent home because it becomes too cold to stay in the classroom. Also there was no running water and no toilets.

This project was  funded by 11 Rotary clubs and Central Coast Rotaract ; 4 of these Clubs received District Grants. Rotary Club of  Kingston  is funding the supply of desks and internal fittings for which they  received a District Grant.

Construction is now finished  at the Baljyoti School site .   A toilet block funded by a local businessman in Devonport has also been completed.


Can you help these children?

The families living in this area were moved from their jungle home when a national park was declared a few years ago.



This is their School..

The Rotary Club of Hetauda had plans drawn for this  new school – total cost AUD$30,000. This  included the use of local labour where appropriate.



he finished Baljyoti Primary School.

The finished Baljyoti Primary School, February 2016


The Hetauda club has a proven record of effective project management and our District has worked closely with them for a number of years.

Kevin Shadbolt   kjshadbolt@bigpond.com         mobile
Irene Gray          irene.gwc@outlook.com              mobile 0419 341 694


Other Projects

Uterine Prolapse  

This is a district project that has been developed with the Rotary Club of Kopundol under our relationship agreement with District 3292.
Our District has been successful in gaining funding of US$18,264 from the Rotary Foundation under the old Matching Grant scheme to help provide screening camps, publicity, transportation, surgeries and medical equipment for women suffering from uterine prolapse in the western part of Nepal.It is expected that 1200 women in the far western region will be screened and at least 10% will require surgery and on going treatment

This is a major problem in Nepal where it is estimated that 600,000 women suffer this condition. (November 2013)

Student Scholarship

Inspired by a member of Rotary Club of Latrobe whose family chose to help others in lieu of Christmas presents, a scholarship has been established to encourage several talented students from very poor families to study at tertiary level. A number of Rotarians have contributed to this fund. The money will be invested and the interest used each year. The fund will be administered by the Rotary Club of Hetauda and the first students were selected in May 2013.

Rheumatic Heart Disease

The District Governor in Nepal has put forward a project aimed at preventing children developing Rheumatic Heart Disease, 2000 die and many suffer heart disease each year,clubs are invited to con

Hetauda Support Project –
RAWCS Project 145/2010-2011 — Shrijana Primary School

The Rotary Club of Hetauda in Nepal has for some time supported a small primary school in a very poor area of their city.  Many of the people living in the area are victims of the Maoist uprisings of several years ago.
Classes currently range from preschool to grade four


Pictured here is progress to May 2013.


Visiting Rotarians from District 9830 received a request to consider funding an additional two classrooms and an office and store to enable students to complete their primary education and then hopefully go on to secondary school.
Thanks to a number of clubs in Tasmania,District 9830, in particular Hobart and Deloraine, our district has been able to provide the $27 000 needed to undertake this project.
Classrooms should now be completed.

Clubs have also donated a total of $27,000 to fund a primary school development in Hetauda, Nepal (145 – 2010-11), two classrooms a store and office will be added. At present classes only go to grade four but with increased capacity the school will be able to add grades five and six. This will allow students to complete their primary education and hopefully go on to secondary school.

At present the school consists of four class rooms and a toilet all of which were funded by a Sydney woman several years ago.


Hetauda Support Project,– Drinking Water

A team of volunteers from Tasmania District 9830 who were providing a Cataract Eye Camp in a remote village reached often by foot from Hetauda, Nepal were shocked to see the only means of 1500 school children obtaining a drink of water as from a hose in a muddy yard.

nepal drink

How water was delivered

They sent a photo back home and the Rotary Club of Devonport responded by raising funds organising the installation of a fountain which would ensure continuous and clean drinking water. When the next Eye Camp was held, the Team visited the school, and PDG Kevin Shadbolt was asked to cut a ribbon and officially open the fountain.

Finished project

Finished project