Building Future Leaders–

Rotary Leadership Institute Overview

District Leadership Training has been re-badged –

“Building Future Leaders”.


The mission of The Rotary Leadership Institute is to provide an educational opportunity for Rotarians identified as potential leaders by their clubs.

Rotary needs a constant influx of leaders as club officers, since they mostly change every year. It is often difficult at the club level to learn enough about the exciting world of Rotary and it is also important to remember that leadership skills in volunteer organisations are often different from business leadership skills.

The Rotary Leadership Institute, through ‘Building Future Leaders’ can help
with both.


  • more about the what/where/who/why of Rotary
  • where they fit in the Rotary world
  • about developing their leadership skills
  • how to develop projects, local and international
  • how to bring about change
  • about being a part of the future of Rotary


If your members care about their Club’s future, they will want the best leaders
possible. ‘Building Future Leaders’ is an outstanding opportunity for each club to
improve the Rotary knowledge of its key people and to be exposed to new ideas of
leadership. The exchange of ideas with other Rotarians alone makes the program
extremely worthwhile.
Each session has a maximum of 16 participants which will give every participant the
best opportunity to gain from and contribute to the total learning process. The course
is comprised of 3 one-day modules led by experienced Rotarian facilitators and there
are no fees applicable.

Club Presidents are asked to nominate club members as potential club
leaders, not necessarily future presidents. Clubs are asked especially to encourage
every new Rotarian (less than 3 years in Rotary) to attend at least the first module.


Module 1:

South – Saturday 23rd September, 2017 – POSTPONED until 2018.

North/NW – Sunday 24th September, 2017 – POSTPONED until 2018.

Module 2

State-wide Campbell Town – Sunday 15th October, 2017 – Postponed until 2018

Module 3:

Note the change of date from the one in the District Directory

State-wide Campbell Town – Saturday 17th February, 2018 –  Module 1 will be offered on this day.  Venue and enrolment specifics to come.



District Trainer PAG Mike Patten or mobile 0439 919 234