Model United Nations Assembly (MUNA)

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The idea of a Model United Nations Assembly is to involve secondary students in a hands-on experience of a UN-style conference to increase international understanding and goodwill, which is one of the objects of Rotary. The aim is not only to involve those students or Delegates who attend the conference but also a wide cross section of the participating schools.

MUNA was first introduced to Rotary at Lake Cargelligo in 1980 and the concept was then passed on to the Forbes Rotary Club in 1984.


Marist Regional College students, Phoebe Michelle Rouse and Alec Rawlings, representing Spain, won the Best National Costume Award at MUNA 2015.

Since then, MUNA has spread throughout most districts of Australia, New Zealand and Papua New Guinea. In 1989, Rotary World President Royce Abbey placed MUNA on the World Youth Activities Committee Agenda for Rotary and similar sessions are now held in many countries.

The Rotary Club of Deloraine organises a model United Nations Assembly in Deloraine each year. They set up this forum in the Community Complex in Alveston Drive. The theatre is ideally suited to such a forum because it has tier levels set in a semi circle. This provides ‘delegates’ with full view of the other members and the Secretary General. The levels are decorated with national flags

MUNA is conducted over a weekend and students are billeted with Rotarians. Rotary Club of Deloraine has organised this event for about 20 years and despite the lack of experienced students to advise new entrants, they find their feet quickly and really have a good time. There is a disco on the Saturday night, always proving popular.


Each nominated school is given a country to represent and a set of resolutions to investigate and discuss from the point of view of the country they are representing.  All students are encouraged to dress in National costume of the country they are representing throughout the conference. National costumes will be judged throughout the weekend and prizes will be given for best costume. (There will be a disco on Saturday night and casual dress will apply.)

Each school and its delegates research the positions of the country they represent on the issues to be debated. In this way, the students gain informed knowledge and understanding of this country and hopefully many regions of the world.

Rotary believes that it is through our youth that hopefully we can look forward to increased world peace and understanding.

The judges at Deloraine will select one winning team to travel to Canberra in August to represent Tasmania in the National MUNA competition. This is organised by the Rotary club of Canberra Sunrise. Students’ air fares and accommodation are paid for as part of the prize.


Top team overall at MUNA 2015 was the team from Scottsdale District High School of Dakoda Titmus and Dylan Seckhold-Bamford, representing China.

This is a fun and educational event that will appeal to those who are keen to debate issues and take a stand as viewed through the eyes of another culture. As delegates to the Model United Nations you can “use a bit of licence” and be a little outrageous in your views. This lightens the mood of some of the motions being debated and can catch the eye of those looking for a winner. This doesn’t mean you can to be too silly or over do it.


Come and have a good time, meet lots of new friends and gain an insight into how global democracy works.

Download sources of information  —

MUNA Rules of Procedure
 MUNA Nomination Form 2017
Sources of Information for MUNA
MUNA Judges Guidelines 2017
Permission-Disclaimer Form 2017

For more information you can contact Annette Viney 0412 437 417 or email Annette at muna

MUNA Report 2016

The weekend of May 14 th and 15 th  saw the 28 th Model United Nations Assembly held at Deloraine Community Complex run by the Deloraine Rotary Club successfully completed. 60 students representing 30  nations  were well researched and prepared on the resolutions. All 15 resolutions were debated.

The Prize winners:

Winners of the Model United Nations Assembly 2016
Aaron Woo and Jean-Paul Hii representing United Kingdom from Marist College. Who will now participate at the National Model United Nations in Canberra in August.


Aaron Woo and Jean-Paul Hii representing United Kingdom from Marist College.

Laura Jewel and Natalie Wing representing France from Ulverstone High School.
Honourable Mentions:
Sophia Hand and Nicola Hudson representing South Korea from Taroona High School
Lillian Maddick and Tom Rockcliff representing Cuba from Sheffield School.
Most Improved:
Lisette Terts and Chloe Reynolds representing Somalia from Oglivie High School.
National Costume:
Won by: Sam Watson and Inighion Quinn representing USA from St Brendan Shaw College.
Honourable Mentions:
Ronan Douglas and Bronte Hall representing Sweden from Scottsdale High School
Tom Rockliff and Lillian Maddick representing Cuba from Sheffield School.
For more information check the website of the Rotary Club of Deloraine



Some background information can be obtained here

Sources of Information for Muna (download)

BBC – Profile of the United Nations

BBC Country…/Sources of Information for MUNA1.pdf


Updated February 2017