Rotary Youth Program of Enrichment (RYPEN)

rypen logoRYPEN holds weekend camps in leadership for Grade 10 students. It is an Australian designed project for young people aged 14 to 17. rypen

Camps are held in both the South and North of Tasmaniaآ

RYPEN sets out to broaden horizons and lift aspirations in a supervised residential weekend seminar.آ  It’s aim is to communicate to young people a series of ideas, problems and social experiences which will assist them in forming their own values and moral standards and broaden their horizons culturally, socially and academically.

Nominations are encouraged through Rotary clubs approaching local high schools.
They are directed to the district RYPEN chairman for selection and advice. The
cost for the weekend is usually carried by the sponsoring Rotary club.

Rypennians, as with other youth program nominees, should be encouraged to address their sponsoring Rotary club on their return.

RYPEN North   Ulverstone Friday May 19 – May 21st  2017

RYPEN North is Rotary’s residential leadership camp for northern Tasmanian Grade Ten students whose attendance costs have been sponsored by their local Rotary Clubs. The RYPEN weekend is typically for Grade Tens aged 15 or 16 who’ve already demonstrated some leadership in their personal, school or community lives.

Coordinated by the Rotary Club of Ulverstone and held each year from Friday evening until Sunday afternoon in late May at Camp Clayton near Turners Beach, the RYPEN North program is a busy, interesting and varied program of age-appropriate activities. Presented by a team led by an experienced high school teacher, it is designed to build a wide range of confidence, communication and team skills, group speaking practice and social networking in a warm, happy and supportive atmosphere. Comfortable accommodation, good food and a beautiful beachside setting are key elements of our RYPEN North weekend.

RYPEN participants leave us with lots of effective strategies to support their personal leadership goals in their school, community or future life, along with wonderful memories of their weekend and a great group of new friends from across the north of the state.

For further information,

Please don’t hesitate to contact RYPEN North coordinator
Robyn Lamprey (Past President of the Rotary Club of Ulverstone) at or 0419 253 991.

We look forward to hearing from you soon.

Application RYPEN North  (download)


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