Rotary Youth Exchange Program (YEP)


Attention all single or married couples:

  • Have your children flown the coop and do you miss them ?
  • Would you like to relive your youth ?
  • Would you like to learn a great deal about yourself ?
  • Do you live in a secure, safe and caring environment ?

“An exchange is when a stranger becomes family, foreigners become friends, a second language becomes like your first, and a year suddenly becomes a day”

Contact PDG Ian Shuey  – Rotary Youth Exchange Chairman, Ph 0409 979 947, Email: ,

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The Youth Exchange Program is an International exchange for young people between the ages of 15 and 18. The exchange is for a 12 month period during which time the student is hosted by 3 or 4 families therefore experiencing different lifestyles. Up to 15 students are exchanged each year.



Rotary Exchange students on their Tassie tour

It is a reciprocal educational exchange, therefore students must attend school.

Spending time abroad as a Rotary Exchange Student is a great opportunity for students to experience a new culture, a new language, to be an ambassador for Rotary & Tasmania and to build lifelong friendships.

Inbound students arrive in July/August ; outbound students depart in January. Pictured are a group enjoying their Tassie Tour at Strahan.

Here is a video  made at a week-end in Mont-St Michel with almost all the inbound students in France.  There were around 300 Rotary Exchange students together for a weekend in October 2015.

The Youth Exchange Program committee conduct 3 orientation days and camps to assist inbound students to become acclimatized and to prepare outbound students for their 12 months abroad.

TassieYEP2015A Scholarship is available to assist students who are unable to participate due to financial difficulties.

A Question and Answer video for parents–



Rotex Rebound – an  organisation for Rotary Exchange students returning to Tasmania has been reformed.

The group exists to support Tasmanian Exchange students and families once the student returns home after a year of immense change. Rotex members also provide valuable advice at camps to students preparing to go overseas.


Four founding members of Rotex Rebound – Ashley Cashburn, Rose Findlater, Gen Van Den Bosch and Ashleigh MacCullough

Contact the Youth Exchange Program committee for further information

CHAIR: Chair: PDG Ian Shuey (Hobart)   0409 979 947rye logo

Inbound Coordinator/Mentors: PAG Paul and Cheryl Jack

Outbound Coordinator: PP Liz Bulman [Youngtown)]

Administration Kim & Erin Pitt

Counsellor Merilyn Briggs

Tassie Tour Coordinators: DG Gerard/Fiona Blizzard

Uniforms: PP Elizabeth Anderson [Ulverstone]

Incoming Students 2015 and their Host Clubs

Lou Germain         France         Kingston
Madeline Poulsen Denmark      Hobart
Vilma Nilsson         Sweden      Central Launceston
Matheus Marini      Brazil           Longford
Lou Declercq         Belgium       Deloraine
Emily Glyndholm     Denmark      Smithton & Burnie
Christin Glanzmann Switzerland Devonport North


Information for Clubs involved with Rotary Youth Exchange

Essential information to assist Rotary Clubs to understand what is involved in hosting an inbound exchange student and to allow the Club to implement the Rotary International Youth Exchange Certification processes. Much of the information in the Manual is relevant to Clubs sponsoring an outbound student.

9830 YEP-1 Guide for Inbound Youth Exchange Rotary Clubs (Updated February 2016)

9830 YEP-2  Guide for Inbound Youth Exchange Club Councillors (Updated February 2016)

9830 YEP-3  Guide for Inbound Youth Exchange Host Families (Updated February 2016)

9830 YEP-4  Guide for Inbound Youth Exchange Students (Updated February 2016)

9830 YEP-5  Guide for Outbound Youth Exchange Club Councillors ((Updated February 2016)

9830 YEP-6  Guide for Outbound Youth Exchange Students (Updated February 2016)

Insurance requirements for inbound students


 Useful References

RI Guide for Exchange Students (pdf)

OSHC Visa Requirements  July 2015

Questions for the first night with your host family

Resolution of Problems

Rotary Youth Volunteer Information and declaration Form

Sharing Information about Youth

YEP Long Term Information Form

Australian Representation Abroad


Accelerated learning of Mandarin through a Rotary Youth Exchange Scholarship to Taiwan
Find out more 

Documents for Tasmanian Clubs sponsoring Youth Exchange Students

Previous Youth Exchange Students in Tasmania

Rotary Youth Exchange Australia web site

Rotex Tasmania on Facebook


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