Group Study Exchange

The Group Study Exchange ( GSE ) program has been replaced by a Vocational Team Exchange.

Since our state has had a long record of GSE participation the record of past years will remain available on our website.

Group Study Exchange (GSE) is a cultural and vocational program – paired Rotary Districts send and receive 4 non-Rotarian professionals and one Rotarian Leader for 4-5 weeks to develop professional and leadership skills of the team.

2017 – District 3201, Southern India (Kerala & Tamil Nadu)

Adrian Wood, Team Leader (RC Central Launceston)
Tony Butler, Agricultural Research Manager (RC Tamar Sunrise)
Lynette Stebbings, Hospital Theatre Manager (RC Central Launceston)
Lauren Maher, Environmental Policy Officer (RC Kingston)
Caitlin Leech, Podiatrist (RC Ulverstone)
Kate Nichols, Police Officer (RC Queenstown)

Back L to R Adrian Wood, Caitlin Leech, Centre L to R Tony Butler, Kate Nichols, Front L to R Lynette Stebbings, Lauren Maher

In 2013 -2014 the exchange was with District 3460 – Taiwan.

Tasmanian Team was Team leader   PP Dennis Dwyer, (Rotary Club of Longford),  Team members are


Tasmanian Team to Taiwan

Skye-Anne Bowron, Client Engagement Manager at Glenview Aged Care Home, Glenorchy
Ross Hubble, Teacher at St Brendan-Shaw College Devonport
Brooke Woolley, Technical Officer Nthn. Tas. Pathology Services, Launceston
Iain Bruce, Consultant Agronomist, Youngtown.

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Incoming Team
Team leader is  AG Tungtse Chen (Tony). (Rotary Club of Tachia South),
Team members are
Crystal Wang: female,
a visitor commentator of the National Museum of Natural Science\
Edward Yang: male,
a senior officer of Taiwan Shei-Pa National Park
Terry Chou: male,
a pharmacist, he is also of our Rotaract District Rep this year
Lawrence Lai : male,
a manager of one major red wine importer for local market

Details of Previous GSE Participants

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