Inner Wheel in Tasmania

International Inner Wheel Theme 2016 – 2017

“Touch a Heart”

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Tasmania, District A80, contains 8 Clubs with approximately 180  members.

Melbourne scores 18  th International Conference May 2018


District A80 Inner Wheel Executive 2016-2017

District Chairman

        Christine Stevens (Wayne) Kings Meadows
(M) 0418 106 723

Senior Vice Chairman

        Lesley Perkins (Michael)     Tamar Valley
(M) 0427 830 082

 Junior Vice Chairman

        Anne Shadbolt (Kevin)         Mersey
(M)0417 267 210

 Extension & Immediate  Past Chairman

        Colleen Richey  (Ted)             Mersey
(M) 0417 144 836


        Debbie Reid (Tony)               Mersey
(M) 0407 243 545


        Christine Horswill  (Richard) Clarence
(M) 0417 141 783


        Mary Johnson (Lou)               Kings Meadows
(M) 0438 100 646  

 Social Convenor

Sue Smith (Ian)                       Kings Meadows
(M) 0400 466 532

Newsletter Editor                 

        Gillian Buxton (Bruce)          Mersey
(M) 0418 384 032


        Susie Rasmussen (Peter)    Clarence
(M) 0417 552 692

2016-17 District A80 Club Contacts

Meets 1st Tuesday of month at 7.30pm. (Contact Secretary)
(P) Elayne Ransley (Francis)(
(S) Beverley Hite (Tony)
(H) 6433 0281
Meets 4th Thursday of month at the Beltana Bowls Club at 6.30pm for 7.00pm- Contact Secretary –
(P) Annette O’Hearn (Peter)
(S) Lois  Anderson
(M) 0428 490 205
Meets 4th Wednesday of month at 6 pm for 6.30. British Hotel
PO Box 287, Deloraine 7304
Kathy Hall  (Greg)
(S) Jan Atkins
(H) 6368 1296  (M) 0488 717 936
Meets 2nd Monday of month   121 Macquarie St Hobart at 6.00pm.
(P) Barbara Hughes (Michael)
(S)  Julie Nylander (Ron)
(H) 6237 0458  (M) 0437 281 257
Meets 3rd Monday of month at 7.30pm. (Contact Secretary)
(P) Henny Gofton (Larry)
(S) Judy Iles (Leigh)
(H) 6343 5596
Meets 2nd Wednesday of month at 1.45pm at Trinity Uniting Church Hall, Balfour Street, Launceston
(P) Diane Oliver (Rod)
(S) Susan Routley (Ian)
(H) 6327 2942
Meets 1st Tuesday of month at 6 for 6.30 pm. In-Dulgence Café, Best Street, Devonport
(P) Roslyn Chalk  (Peter)
( S) Gill Buxton (Bruce)
(H) 6424 9919 (M) 0418 384 032
Meets 3rd Monday of month at 2.00pm (Contact Secretary)
(P) Gladys Roach
(S) Joy Yeoman
(M) 0434 730 731

Inner Wheel Origins

Rotary was formed in 1905 in Chicago and soon spread to other countries. By 1914 there were eight Rotary Clubs in the British Isles. Before becoming a constituted organisation, the wives of the Liverpool Rotarians in England had assisted their menfolk during World War 1 with various projects and had become known as Rotary Ladies and later called themselves The Service Club.

Many similar Clubs under various names were formed to help Rotarian husbands. However, it was the Manchester Club which in 1924 provided the name and model rules upon which the Inner Wheel movement is based. Our Emblem is a small wheel contained within the Rotary Wheel, hence the name Inner Wheel.

During 1931 the first Inner Wheel Club was chartered in Australia at Ballarat, Victoria.inner wheel The Rotarian President at Ballarat, Mr. Maddern, had written to Mrs. Oliver Golding asking for details about the Inner Wheel movement in Great Britain and Ireland. Margarette Golding was overjoyed at the enquiry. In fact said, to quote “This is the first enquiry from the Colonies”.

This was closely followed by the charter of an Inner Wheel Club at North Sydney in 1932. There are now total of 15 Districts, two in Queensland, seven in New South Wales, three in Victoria, one each in South Australia, Western Australia and Tasmania and a non districted club in Darwin. There are 4 500 members.

Clubs in Tasmania are very active working towards major projects such as cord blood research. The International project in 2015-2016 is the Days for Girls.


Inner Wheel Australia
International Inner Wheel


A thank you message from some of the researchers who have benefited from grants awarded by Inner Wheel Australia, as a result of fundraising for our National Project, Cord Blood Research